NIC for Multilingual Learners

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The first CTERIN Network Improvement Community (NIC) has decided to work on how we prepare teachers to work with multi-lingual students. This is a particularly salient issue in California with an incredible linguistic diversity, and the need for teachers who understand and are prepared to help students in multi-lingual families and communities succeed.

General questions for Aim Three research include the following. For the current NIC, we include the focus of multilingual learners in green text. Other NICs will have different foci, but will be framed by these general questions that guides this NIC's work.

  • How and when do pre-service teachers develop core knowledge and competencies for teaching multi-lingual learners?
  • What is the substantive focus of various program models? And how does preparation to teach multi-lingual learners fit?
  • What is the underlying theory of learning that guides the design of learning experiences for pre-service teachers to teach multi-lingual learners?
  • How do teacher preparation programs recruit and prepare teachers who are committed to teaching in diverse, underserved communities, as well as with multi-lingual learners?