Andrew Matschiner


UC San Diego
Doctoral Candidate

Andrew Matschiner (he, him) is a Ph.D. student in Education Studies at UC San Diego working with Dr. Mica Pollock. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he taught and then worked with new teachers in two districts in and around Baltimore for six years while earning a Master’s degree in Urban Education from Johns Hopkins University. Inspired by Liberation Theology and Black Liberation Theology, Andrew majored in Religious Studies as a undergraduate and subsequently sought to engage students in issues of justice through Algebra 1 content as a teacher in Baltimore. Later as a new teacher coach, he witnessed and supported professional development, coursework, and instructional coaching informed by researchers such as Gloria Ladson-Billings, Adrienne Dixson, and Paul Gorski while growing to appreciate the urgent need to continue synthesizing research findings into concrete practices and tools for educators. Andrew's research examines how school districts as organizations address systemic racial inequality through, most often, professional development (PD), new district infrastructure (e.g., central office equity teams), and addressing policies and frameworks (e.g., changing discipline policies or revising instructional frameworks).