Educating Teacher Educators Program

infographic of ETE fellows program

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 While in the program, Fellows will:

  • Join a network of scholar-practitioners, exchanging their learning about research, about teaching, and about the professional practice of teacher education
  • Build confident, complex, and holistic understandings of the work of teaching and teacher education, including the multiple ecosystems that influence teacher education.
  • Develop innovative and unique approaches to their work that integrates research and practice.
  • Find a place and pathway in the theoretical, methodological, historical, and political field of teacher education.

Outcomes of the work:  As teachers, scholars, and leaders, Fellows will be prepared to:

  1. Lead and collaborate within the field of teacher education. 
  2. Contribute to and shape the field of teacher education research and practice. 
  3. Develop and share innovative pedagogies.
  4. Influence program design and development, by integrating research and practice.
  5. Interpret and shape policies (institutional, state, etc.) that influence teacher education.

Our current cohort of 2021 ETE Fellows:

fellows group 1

We are pleased to present our current cohort of doctoral fellows. These fellows were selected for their interests in teacher preparation, willingness to help design the doctoral program, and excitement to engage in research and learning among a network of peers from across the UC system, as part of CTERIN's larger mission to expand preparation of doctoral students in teacher education.

Corrine Aramburo Liana Balloffet Matthew Bennett Christine Bernhardt
Kelly Billings Charley Brooks Michael Lloydhauser Joy Esboldt
Emily Evanstein Maya Evashkovsky Allison Firestone Zaynab Gates
Patricia Hemans Christina Hewko Andrew Hood Benjamin James
Andrew Matschiner Jonathan Montoya Olivia Obeso Patriccia Ordoñez-Kim
Corinna Ott Adria Patthoff Erika Reece Ethan Rubin
Sergio Sanchez Carlos Sandoval Stephen Skoropad Cameron Dexter Torti
Kim Vachon Valerie Valdez


Screenshot of Zoom Call with ETE Fellows part 2