Liana Balloffet


UC Santa Cruz
PhD Student 

Liana is a doctoral student at UC Santa Cruz. Her research interests center around dual language education, mathematics teaching and learning, educational policy, and teacher professional development. Liana received her B.A. and teaching credential in Early Childhood Education from Lesley University in 2013, and her California Multiple Subjects Credential with Bilingual Authorization in 2014. She has taught primarily as a dual language preschool and transitional kindergarten teacher but has also worked in special education and afterschool arts programs. Currently, Liana works with the Math and Language Learning Integration (MALLI) project planning and facilitating professional development for dual language elementary teachers. She loves that MALLI allows her to share research with practicing teachers, help create teacher networks, and stay connected to dual language classrooms. Liana’s research uses a quantitative approach to explore how educational policies and practices affect California public schools and students, especially multilingual students and those in the Latinx community. She is excited to join the CTERIN community and is proud to be one of this year’s ETE fellows.