CTERIN Research Briefs

CTERIN's Research Briefs are short non-technical summaries of research funded under CTERIN and related to the research priorities of CTERIN. These briefs are intended for multiple audiences and are written by CTERIN affiliated researchers, faculty and students.

See the CTERIN Research Briefs here.

CTERIN Policy Briefs

CTERIN's Policy Briefs are concise summaries of particular issues related to the research priorities of CTERIN. Recommendations for policy implications are included. It is aimed at policymakers, and others who are interested in formulating or influencing policy.

See the CTERIN Policy Briefs here.

CTERIN Practice Briefs

CTERIN's Practice Briefs are mini non-peer reviewed articles on a wide range of topics, all of which are connected to the research priorities of CTERIN. They provide practice research regarding a topic, intervention strategies and assessment strategies. These documents are excellent resources and platforms for connecting the theoretical work of CTERIN to practice.

See the CTERIN Practice Briefs here.