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CTERIN is the comprehensive response of nine University of California campuses to improve the equity, quality and efficiency of California’s educator preparation system. As a state, we are facing an intensifying teacher shortage coupled with a demand for teachers to know more and do more. Furthermore..., as an incredibly diverse state, it is imperative that California’s teachers understand and reflect the diverse demographics and experiences of the students they teach. The work of CTERIN is centered around improving the equity, quality and efficiency of California’s educator preparation system. With the systemic racism and COVID-19 pandemics, teacher preparation programs are grappling with unforeseen challenges. More than ever, teacher scholars and educators are working on preparing California’s teachers for equitable, and culturally responsive and sustaining practice to better serve California’s students. CTERIN is responding to the immediate needs of the educational community by supporting and engaging in networked communities of practitioners and focused  research that provides tangible tools and resources for educator preparation stakeholders. With over a hundred researchers linked to CTERIN, the UC system is leading efforts to improve our teaching workforce, arguably one of the most important levers to improving the education young people receive.



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