The CTERIN network involves people from many strata of education that have a stake in how we prepare teachers for California and the nation. They share expertise gained from their professions, their educational pathways, and the current organizations they serve. They bring points of view that reflect a diversity of language, culture, race, academics, and socio-economic backgrounds—like our P-12 students. It takes a village, and together we hope to raise the level of expertise, support, and respect our new teachers receive.

 CTERIN Central Team

Tine Sloan, PhD
Director & Lead PI 

Kayce Mastrup, PhD
Postdoctoral Project Scientist 

Luis Narvaez
Administrative Assistant 

Adria Patthoff
Graduate Student Researcher 




Headshot of Kayce Mastrup Luis Narvaez Headshot Headshot of Adria Patthoff