Corrine Aramburo


UC Berkeley/San Francisco State University
PhD Candidate

Corrine Aramburo is a doctoral candidate in the Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University. Her research interests include Special education teacher preparation, special education teacher knowledge, on-site administration, special education leadership practices, local special education administrators, supporting the education and inclusion of students with extensive support needs, attribution theory, and the social-medical model of disability. Corrine completed her B.A. in English and History Education at Brigham Young University- Idaho (2008) and an M.A. in special education in the Extensive Support Needs program at San Francisco State University (2014). Corrine taught middle school English and history before becoming a special day class teacher for students with extensive support needs. For the past five years, Corrine has mentored and supervised pre-service special education teachers in the extensive support needs programs at San Francisco State University. Currently. Corrine’s research examines the factors that contribute to the marginalization of students with disabilities—particularly those with significant intellectual disabilities—and how these factors can be diminished via teacher preparation programs and pre-service instruction.