Joy Esboldt

 Headshot of Joy Esboldt

UC Berkeley
PhD Candidate 

Joy Esboldt is a doctoral candidate in the Critical Studies of Race, Class, and Gender program at the University of California, Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on teachers’ learning about race, racism, and anti-racism as it intersects with gender and cultural politics. Joy’s work strives to engage a multilevel intersectional analysis, locating the work of teachers and conceptualizations of racial justice within interactional, organizational, and sociopolitical dynamics. Joy’s dissertation examines the co-construction and operationalization of racial discourses across multiple sites of teacher learning in partnership with a public school district. Her collaborative scholarship thus far has engaged topics of organizational tensions teachers navigate and the racialized-gendered teacher archetype. While at Cal, Joy has taught in the Master’s Teacher Credential Program (BE3) and the undergraduate Minor in Education. In addition to being a CTERIN Fellow, Joy is a UC Regents Fellow and a Marcus Foster Fellow. She holds a master’s degree in Diversity and Equity in Education from the University of Illinois. Prior to her graduate studies, Joy was a high school teacher and a racial equity coach.