Patriccia Ordoñez-Kim


UC Riverside
PhD Candidate

Patriccia is a Ph.D. candidate in the Education, Society, and Culture program of the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside (UCR). She is studying Ethnic Studies (ES) curriculum and its effects on the decolonial critical consciousness of Filipina/o/x students. She earned her B.A. in Sociology (2012) and her M.A. in Educational Administration in Higher Education (2014) from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Her passion for teaching evolved from being a “developmental writing supplemental instruction leader” for first-generation college students at CSUN. At UCR, she led courses in the teaching education program, including “Education for a Diverse Society” and “Ethnic Studies in K-12 Education.” She also worked as an Upward Bound instructor of Ethnic Studies, Multimedia Arts, and English to high-achieving, prospective first-generation college students in local Riverside County schools.

As a product of an urban high school in Los Angeles, California, she emphatically supports the call for a more racially literate and social justice-oriented teaching force through research-informed training. She hopes that her work will have implications for ES teacher practices, critical multicultural curriculum, and teachers’ understanding of colonialism and their racial identities. More specifically, she aims for her work to inform the curriculum and pedagogy of K-12 teachers while emphasizing the goals of decolonization, antiracism, and social justice.