Tim Dewar, Ph.D.


UC Santa Barbara

Dr. Tim Dewar is a Lecturer with Security of Employment in the Department of Education at the Gervirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition to teaching courses in English education, he is the Single Subject Teaching Credential Coordinator for the Teacher Education Program, Director of the South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP), and Executive Director of the California Writing Project (CWP). Prior to coming to UCSB in 2010, he was an Assistant Professor at SUNY New Paltz and taught secondary English in public and private schools throughout California. Dewar is particularly interested in writing instruction and assessment, how teachers come to frame the challenges they encounter in student work, and sustainable teacher identities. Dewar is a popular presenter at professional conferences and frequently writes about classroom practices. He earned his Ph.D. in Education, Language, Literacy and Composition from the Gevirtz School in 2008.