NLC for Multilingual Learners

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The Multulingual Learners community explores how we prepare teachers to work with multi-lingual students. This is a particularly salient issue in California, as the state is incrediblely linguistically diverse, and there is a particular need for teachers who understand and are prepared to help students in multi-lingual families and communities succeed.

In this Multilingual Learner NLC, we frame our work with these guiding questions:

  • How and when do pre-service teachers develop core knowledge and competencies for teaching multi-lingual learners?
  • What is the substantive focus of various program models? And how does preparation to teach multi-lingual learners fit?
  • What is the underlying theory of learning that guides the design of learning experiences for pre-service teachers to teach multi-lingual learners?
  • How do teacher preparation programs recruit and prepare teachers who are committed to teaching in diverse, underserved communities, as well as with multi-lingual learners?


Multilingual Learners Networked Learning Community

Committee Members

Elisa Salasin (UC Berkeley)

Virginia Panish (UC Irvine)

 Emma Hipolito (UC Los Angeles)

Cheryl Forbes (UC San Diego)

Margarita Jimenez-Silva (UC Davis)