PhD Program Courses

As a result of CTERIN’s efforts to prepare doctoral scholars for teacher education research and practice, a PhD Specialization Program has been established which provides purposeful preparation of teacher educators. CTERIN’s PhD Specialization Program consists of core courses and mentorship into the practice of teacher education. The suite of courses are developed specifically for PhD scholars that want to specialize in teacher education. CTERIN is supporting the efforts of individual UC campuses that want to offer doctoral courses through the intercampus exchange program. 

Participation in the intercampus exchange process creates opportunities for Doctoral Candidates to access system wide resources that they normally don’t have access to which in turn strengthens programs across the state. 

A PhD Specialization Program has the potential to produce more knowledgeable and stronger teacher educators that are connected to a research agenda. An integrated support system spanning UC campuses has the potential to attract doctoral students to our programs.

In the past we have been able to offer courses addressing:

  • Teacher Learning and Thinking
  • Critical Theoretical Perspectives on Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Research on Teacher Education
  • Special Topics in Science, Agriculture, and Mathematics (SAM) Education with a focus on Anti-Racist Approaches to SAM education.

If you are interested in opening your course to our doctoral ETE fellows please email Jason Duque to discuss options and possibilities.