Diversifying California's Teaching Force: How Teachers Enter the Classroom, Who They Serve, & If They Stay

Deborah La Torre, Seth Leon, Christine Ong, Tine Sloan, & Thomas Smith
University of California, Los Angeles CRESST & UC Santa Barbara CTERIN


Using CTERIN's Statewide Data System in partnership with CRESST at UCLA, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the California Department of Education, this policy brief explores statewide trends in the state's teacher workforce. Key findings include:

  • Teachers who identify as Black or Hispanic tend to take more challenging routes to licensure (such as with a waiver/emergency permit, or as an intern).
  • Statewide, less than 40% of new teachers who begin with a waiver or emergency permit go on to become fully prepared. More than 40% of these teachers end up leaving the profession by the end of their third year teaching.
  • New Black and Hispanic teachers were more likely to teach higher proportions of students who matched their own race.

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