Are You Going to be a Teacher? Racialized and Gendered Patterns in Earning a Teaching Credential Among College Graduates

Melissa Quesada & Irenee R. Beattie
University of California, Merced


Considering California's worsening teacher shortage and and its teacher population reflecting poorly of its student population, Melissa Quesada and Irenee Beattie explore racial and gender disparities amongst college students earning a teaching credential, as well as the role of college achievement and experiences in these diffrences. Social background data merged from UCOP and the CTC (California Comission on Teaching Credentials ) was gathered and the researchers analyzed post-baccaulareate educational pathways for students who graduated from three UC campuses in 2011-2013. Results revealed white women have a higher predicted probabilities of obtaining a teaching credential than other race and gender groups. Additionally, a logistic regression analyses predicting earning a teaching credential and interacted measures of race-gender groups with measures of STEM major and GPA demonstrated significant differences for Latinas in STEM. 

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