CTERIN's Research Priorities

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CTERIN has identified 6 research priorities for its work:

Area 1 Teacher retention and recruitment through teacher preparation programs and partners, especially as it relates to diversifying the state's workforce.
Area 2 Clinical Practice (e.g., student teaching) in teacher preparation.
Area 3 Effectiveness and/or understanding of the teacher preparation pathways in California.
Area 4 Preparation of teachers to teach students with particular assets and needs (e.g., students with disabilities, Multi-lingual Learners, students learning within diverse communities).
Area 5 The qualifications and work of teacher educators in higher education and P-12 education.
Area 6 Preparation for P-12 pedagogy in a subject matter discipline.


In light of the protests sparked by George Floyd's murder in the Summer of 2020 and the ongoing racial justice movement in the US, we want to recognize the importance of teacher education as a channel to enact real and lasting change for students and educators of color. CTERIN has since its inception prioritized proactive approaches to diversity, equity and inclusion in the work we directly conduct and the work we support. We want to recommit to our role in directly supporting and amplifying the voices of Black, Latinx, AAPI and other minoritized groups through the research, support and advocacy that CTERIN offers to the field of teacher education in California. 

Please use the tabs below to explore the Center-Sponsored Projects (CSPs) that CTERIN has funded and how they align with our research priority areas.