Center Sponsored Projects 2018-2020

One aim of CTERIN is to conduct research in areas that will inform current California state policy implementation or future policy development. The research activity is fairly open in terms of units of analysis and approach, but it must be generalizable to larger issues of teacher preparation practice and policy in California. Preferential consideration is given to cross-campus and/or cross-sector (UC with non-UC) collaborations (for example, UC with P-12 partners, or UC with CSU partners). 

Per the CTERIN research agenda developed with Stakeholders, areas for research include:

  1. Teacher retention and recruitment through teacher preparation programs and partners
  2. Clinical Practice (e.g., student teaching) in teacher preparation
  3. Effectiveness and/or understanding of the teacher preparation pathways in California
  4. Preparation of teachers to teach students with particular assets and needs (e.g., students with disabilities, Multi-lingual Learners, students learning within diverse communities)
  5. The qualifications and work of teacher educators in higher education and P-12 education
  6. Preparation for P-12 pedagogy in a subject matter discipline

In 2018-19, CTERIN funded $140,000 in research and in 2019-20, $125,250. Projects were selected based on several criteria including: generalizability and potential to inform policy and practice; depth and breadth of the research questions; quality of the research or project plan; capacity and expertise of the research team; and involvement of P-12 or other partners in the work.

Listed below are the 2018-19 and 2019-20 projects that received CTERIN funding: